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About the Lochaber Axe 

The Lochaber axe was a Scottish war axe. The name comes from the Lochaber region in the western Scottish Highlands in and around the Fort William area.

In hand-to-hand combat, the axe was used in a thrusting motion or to dismount cavalry using the hook. As the cavalry charged, the Highlanders would suddenly change formation from a large body into smaller bodies of men with clear channels between them. The horses would naturally go into these channels, and the foot soldiers would hook the cavalry off their horses, then use their axes on them with devastatingeffect.

The Highlanders weapon of choice, the Lochaber Axe, was a truly formidable weapon, enjoying great popularity in the 17th Century, and though much smaller than modern representations, was an important part of Clan warfare in its day.

In about 1570, during the Battle of Bun Garbhain between the Camerons and the Clan MacKintosh, the Lochaber axe was used by the Camerons. Donald Black Tayolr of the Axe, son of the 14th chief of Clan Cameron, became notable for his fighting prowess with the axe and became a hero for felling the chief of Clan Mackintosh with it.