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The Jacobites                                                                              

Saltire Jewellery have created a unique design based on the White Cockade a symbol that identified the Jacobites, We can offer Jacobite Kilt Pins, Cufflinks, Tie tacks and Pendants.  Please read the Historical story about the Jacobites below.  All Jacobite designs by Saltire Jewellery  are supplied with a Jacobite card insert with the text below: 

The White Cockade which the Jacobites wore to show their support for Bonnie Prince Charlie. Made from bows of white ribbon, it was meant to look like a white rose plucked by Charlie on the march from Glenfinnan.  Jacobite comes from the Latin word ‘Jacobus’ for James. The Jacobites were rebels who wanted to return a Stuart King to the British throne. They came from England and Scotland, and from both religious faiths. Often members of the same family ended up on different sides.

The Jacobites were defeated at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. This was the fifth and last Jacobite uprising.                                                    Jacobite jewellery

The rebels were punished but the Highland clans suffered the most. Their homes were burned and their belongings taken. They were not allowed to wear tartan – which identified their clan – or play the bagpipes. Many were sent to the British colonies. Their old way of life was destroyed forever.